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i had a beer and went snorkelling again!


i ended up staying another 2 or 3 days....

those days were spent..

yup, you guessed it..

diving for abalone..


which proved quite succesful each morning..

kinda 'interesting' looking creatures.............

anyway, in amongst all this glutony, i decided i should go for a spin back east a bit.. so headed off on a daytrip back into Israelite Bay..

it was a hot day...and another sandy end of the world..

and to be honest, after 5 or so days of swiming and drinking beer etc, i wasnt really in the headspace to tackle 200 odd kms of sand and 40 degree heat, just to look at a bay, then turn arounds and sweat/bash my way back to where i came from...

so i turned around...

and headed down into Cape Arid National Park instead...

Israelite Bay, being so harsh and remote, could wait for its own trip, at possibly a more suitable time of year

Cape Arid was just as hot, but not quite as sandy... lots of corrogations though!!

havn't quite worked out how to best capture corrogations on camera...any ideas?

so i spent the day in Cape Arid, ran (almost literally ) into the ranger on a narrow sandy track to a beach..

ended up running around this beach.. till i got bogged to the bashplate in soft sand with the tide coming in...

ended up tipping the bike over and dragging her around to get out once the water was about 2 feet away from her...

stopped here for a late lunch..

then gunned it back to camp...for a nice swim and cold beer.....


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