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Originally Posted by 1LIFE2LIVE
Quick question:

I own an 08RT with the standard seat and add when necessary an airhawk and alaska sheepskin by themselves or a combination of the two depending on the distance I travel and still get a sore butt after about 300+ miles.

It sounds like these would help, just curious if they replace the need for the airhawk/sheepskin?

I've been thinking of dropping the big coin on a Russell Day Long....

Any and all input will be appreciated!

I own a 1200RT and the standard seat was the second thing to go. I now have a Rick Mayer saddle and it makes a huge difference. Butt...and this is a big butt...You HAVE to make sure you consider comfort from the skin out. Not from the bike in. Whether you are sitting on a custom made saddle, a stock saddle, a pile of sheepskin or a fencepost, You must protect the skin.
Do that FIRST and you will soon find what else you need. Do that LAST and you will spend hundreds or even thousands trying to get comfortable. Go to the website and see the videos. You must see why they will out perform bicycle shorts, chamois butter, butt powders and anything else that people try on their way to understanding. Can you ride 10,000 miles in a week without so much as a blister and not a thought about butt pain? You can if you are crazy and have one pair of LDComfort for every mile. (It's been done.)

First spend the money on some LDComfort Riding Shorts, then go pick a true custom seat and you will have the kind of joy from your RT that it was meant to give you. Comfort counts for every mile, not just for the first thousand of the day.

I want you to enjoy every mile. τΏ~
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