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RF transparency of Concealex


Thanks for looking at this and for the advice - much appreciated. And thanks for the look at my cradle and the encouragement.

You are correct about precautionary wisdom since the performance of an antenna can be affected by surrounding materials and I did check the Kydex in the field and in the available literature, and found similar performance characteristics reported as in the example provided in your link for Kydex. My intention is to provide a printed disclaimer with links printed that substantiate claims about RF transparency for liability concerns - since it covers a navigation device and all the itinerant legal reasons for that in the crystal ball.

I haven't had more than field testing joy yet though on the CONCEALEX research, and need to source some decent scientific documentation on that RF transparency issue, neutral dielectric effects with this material. So if you or anybody else comes across any such beef in the scientific literature and would care to point me to it, I would be grateful. I'm not a scientist and don't even play one on TV, and the importance of covering this base is obvious and shouldn't be overlooked, even at this stage of the game. I do appreciate you chiming in with this point.

My 60CSX gets a 9-bird lock within about 20 seconds with the CONCEALEX, no different than without a cradle, but will that stand up in court when somebody decides to sue me? Important stuff, to be sure. (Newer MTK chipset. Haven't wrapped the CONCEALEX around SIRFIII chipset'ed 60-series, but can't imagine any difference in chipset technology affecting the antenna performance - but then again, like I said - I'm not a scientist and ought to cover that base as well, now that I think about it.)

Thanks to all who have responded and for the encouragement.

I remain -

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Originally Posted by EdGear
Very nice looking case.

Kydex has technical data showing it good for antenna domes (covers) in the 1.5Mhz region of the GPS signal

I did a quick google search and did not find technical data on Concealex. Might want to verify the RF properties before you go too far.
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