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fine tuning an F800GS transformation

Originally Posted by Gangplank
Ok, so I am clear on price here.

Front: Go it. I'd go to the 1.85 x 21 rim & reuse my hub. So price = either $270 for rim if I use my spokes and lace pattern or $400 to upgrade to superlace and SSS spokes and nipples. Right? Other options between? Recommendation for a 60/40 road/street rider. Thinking the $270 is good for me here. the other option is to go with a 2.50x19,,which will work REALLY well on road and is still more than doable on your fire-roads,,,,circa $410with upgrade to ss spokes n nipples/superlace..AND for an extra $99 can be you are in the bailiwick of the most common dual sport rim/wheel n tire combination around,,you 'll have a plethora of dual-sport tires to choose from,,,braking improved and lowers seat heigght 1/2 inchall around street riding will be a JOY

Rear: Just to clarify here - Is the $99 to convert my rear rim to tubless?
Is that sealing my nipples and if so is it study enough for off road?

Or is that an 18" rim too?...i can tell you are an optimist

If no, then how much for the 18" rim laced onto my hub -circa $400

keep in mind I'd still want it tubless no problem add $99

and which option is better or worse?well,,,you are at the crossroads of trading off over here,,,if ya want tubeless you can't use rim locks and really low tire pressures and vice /versa,,,most people opt for tubeless over super low tire pressures that necessitate the need for rim-locks
PS..if ya go with a 19''up front ,,,you could just stay with your 17 rear,,get it trued up circa $55 and seal it for $99.... doing a 60/40 ride split would work with this provided the 40 is geared to fire-roads...remember people take their 19/17 oem shod wheels in the roughest of terrain..ya just can't go too fast!!!

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