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XR400 Center Stand

Hey dudes, check out this new center stand I just "tested" for CigarMike. I saw he was advertising center stands for the XR650L and queried him if he had any plans for a stand for the XR4. He said he would definitely consider it but did not have access to a 400 to get measurements from the frame for mounting. I happened to have an old XR4 frame in the closet with rusted out lower tubes and offered to send him that to prototype a stand. He said he would only need the lower frame section and said to just cut the bottom of the frame. I ended up sending him this.

A week later he sent me this.

And i promptly mounted it up and was stoked!

He is in the vendor section so if anyone else has a hankering for a BMW'esque center stand, check him out. Great guy to work with!
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