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Originally Posted by Drif10
I've been on the hunt for one for a few weeks, and they're hard to find from a reputable place that really has one in stock.

So I tried something a little different: I got a human in the loop.

Took the wife to Watertown to do some shopping, and I popped into a West Marine store, on the off chance they might have display stock or something.

The girl there didn't have one, but she went digging into an old catalog from 2007 for the SKU number, then punched it into her pooter. She found a bunch of shops that still had one or two, and she could see all over the country. She called up a store in Maine, the lady there pulled one of two off the shelf to confirm they had one, and they're shipping it to the Watertown store as we speak. So I'll run down to pick it up when it comes in later this week.

So if you're looking for one, this should work for you. As of today, a couple of shops in Florida had two, and quite a few still had onesies.

Good luck.
What is this "human" you're talking about?

Seriously - good tip. I've actually had pretty good luck at West Marine for GPS bits, they seem to have a good selection and many of the salesdrones actually have a clue about GPS.
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