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You can play enduro roulette. Look at the route sheet the night before. Play special attention to where the route changes from PR to DR and WT (paved road, dirt road and woods trail) and the mileage deltas in the woods. Chances are there will be a check going into the woods and another check just before a PR, especially if there's 5 or more miles of DR, WT or WR. If there's 12 miles of contiguous trail followed by a 5 mile reset, you can bet your entry money there's a check just before the reset.

Use colored markers on your route sheet.

This is the tricky part: Try to enter (flags will mark the entry point) the "in" check just after the checker flips over the card with your rider number on it. This means riding right on top of your minute or even a little hot - 5 or 10 seconds. If you get surprised and need to scrub off some time, do the trials thing until you a) see the checker flip the card with your rider number on it, b) put a foot down or c) stop forward motion. If you do b or c the checking crew is supposed count your time where you do that, even if you have not entered the check yet. If you crash, however, the time is not counted against you. It's difficult to fake a crash because the in check will be at an easy spot. If you are 30 seconds hot you might as well burn into the check to use that 30 seconds to minimize your time to the out check (assuming you'll be late). No matter what, go as fast as you can for 3 miles after a check into the woods. They cannot put a secret check within 3 miles of another secret (or emergency) check. If you are a minute or two hot after these 3 miles you can keep going, but you are betting they won't have a check and use this gamble to get further into the woods before you start getting late. I've sweated a lot of bullets doing this, but it always paid off. Well, almost always . . . .

If you are more than a minute early they'll hit you with 5 points for every minute. So, if you are 3 minutes early, thats 2 pts for the first minute and 10 more pts for minutes 2 and 3.

If you follow the guy with the enduro computer on the minute behind you then you will always be 2 points behind - 1 pt at the in check and 1 pt at the end of the section, guaranteed. If you catch up to the guy with the enduro computer on the minute in front of you then you risk being a minute hot, or 2 pts, into the in check but gain a point back at the out check. Net result, 1 pt lost.

The checker will flip the minute (rider due) card at :00 and you can bank on that. If you sync your clock seconds to key time you can pretty much decide whether to rush into a check a minute hot cause there's no way you are going to scrub off 30 seconds tip toeing in, or trials it to scrub off 5 seconds or until your clock turns :00 into the new minute, then look up and the checker should be flipping at the same time. Make sure you mount your clock on the handlebars. You won't be able to look at a wrist watch while riding, not easily anyway.

You've also got some free time as you approach the gas stop(s), but I'm not sure what the mileage is (cannot have a secret check x miles before gas).

Enduros are a gas, even without a computer.

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