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Originally Posted by heilong
Hey guys can you please enlighten me on the advantages of a center-stand? I had a 150cc scooter that had a center-stand; now I've got a XR250 with the stock side-stand. The side-stand seems like it's more stable in windy conditions. My scooter (parked on a center stand) fell down a couple of times in strong wind. It was chinese shit, though, so maybe this is it :)
Anyway, what is the reason you put center stands on XRs?
I wanted a centerstand to do tire repairs. I will not ride a flat tire unless it is the only option left. We dual sport our bikes which means it is a combination of dirt and street. Most rides are in the 100 mile to 200 mile range. When we are that far out being able to pull the wheel and fix the flat using the center stand makes life a lot easier for me. The side benefit of the stand is ease of chain maintenance and it is easier when loading and unloading the saddle bags.

Others have told me that they like that their bike is stored without having weight on the suspension and the bike takes up less space in the garage.

If you do not know of a reason to have one, I doubt if you need one. I do not think that everyone would want or need one. I have tried to make the stands as easy as possible to install and remove. Even those of us that would want one may not want it on for every ride. When on Adventure rides it may be something you would want. For single track you may not. For the riding I do anymore the stand is not a problem.

I have no desire to try and convince anyone that they need a centerstand. People have contacted me telling me that they want it for maintenance. I tell them that they would be money ahead to buy a hydraulic motorcycle lift. They are much cheaper and will lift both wheels off the ground at the same time. You can buy mechanical lifts for under $30.

Bottom line, the stands are not for everyone. I just happen to be somebody that wants one and apparently I am not alone.

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