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Originally Posted by BARB
Yes, since I do a one piece for the GS Adventure model, I might as well do the KTM too. Why do you want thinsulate? If I can find a KTM locally to lend me his seat for a few minutes or if you want to draw a template of the surface, I'll figure a pattern out. Price will be fair. Call me toll free 877-562-2324, Thanks, Barb
Thanks, Barb. I'll try to sketch/trace surface template and email to you. Sorry, I probably wasn't clear about the thinsulate pad. Seemed like I remember Greg Minor or Gerg talk about the solo sheepskin buttpad they ordered from you, and that there was a pocket for an airhawk pad under the sheepskin. The 950 seat is a bit too narrow across the top (ala dirt bike style) for me. I currently wrap a thinsulate pad that is about 2" wider than the seat top in a towel, and as it folds over the seat edges, it effectively makes the seat a bit wider and more supportive. I use a pad that is the the length of the seat so my passenger has additional support also. So I thought if your buttpad had a "sleeve" under the sheepskin, then I'd be able to insert the thinsulate to bolster up the seat, while I also enjoy the comfort of the sheepskin.

Hope that helps, but it may be more than what you normally manufacture, or it may be overkill, not sure. Oh, and thanks for the reply.
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