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Originally Posted by bpg
Always glad to help out a newb, lots of folks from this group helped me out immensely very recently when I made the addition of a dual sport.

Just let us know what type of riding you're looking to do (singletrack, ADV touring, both??) & where you want to ride - really helps isolate which bikes would fit your needs.
I had 9 dirt bikes along the way, but it was 1985 or so when I sold the last one. The last 4 bikes have been street bikes, ( one RZ350, and 3 Honda 750 VFR's ). I'm in the process of buying bike # 14, but won't have it street legal or ready till sometime in May. Planning on doing some group rides ( would love to do the Screamin Beaver ???) run the 1st of May but the bike won't be ready by then, and some mild trail riding, would love to go to Brushy Mountain, Brown Mountain, and down to Urawharie.

I'm looking forward to it all. And it's always fun to meet new people along the way.
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