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Laugh Valentino's 2010 Winter Olympic Run

Of course been married to a Flight Attendant has tons of great benefitsÖ If youíve read my previous RR, Iíve already mentioned the marry-me-fly-free program Ö. But wait a sec, while Jackie is on professional assignment in Barbados over the weekend, I have been putting the finishing touch to our kitchen renos.

Kitchen in question.

So yesterday, while finishing the grout on the foor tiles, my mind started to wander... Valentino suddenly says WTF! Lets go for ride. Ok says I, filled with trepidation at the idea of taking the Dirty Fat Girl for a ride, -itís been at least 3 days- but where?

Dooood, it's the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Winter Games, why not go for a motorbike run, and git-me-sum of that Olympic spirit'n stuff...

Canadian style eh!.

Dirty Fat Girl in question.

So we got a plan, let's hit the road for a midnight run in subzero temperatures, ride to eat, rubber on a pitch black highway, four-legged antlers looming at every curve, maybe find a ski bunny or two , buy a T-shirt, see if there is gold out there after all, and squeeze a couple more surprises out of a 572 km February run?

What say you?

Its 2335 PST, and I just got back not too long ago, so itís time to get some shut eye, but tomorrow first thing...

Ok here's a taste.

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