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Well, 63 'yes' votes and 6 'no' so far, and 2 'bumps' just to keep it going.

Seems to me that the large majority who care are all for doing something... but then interest falls off quickly and everything goes back to the same ol' same ol'.

This is also what's happening at The DR650 Forum, when this was being discussed we had a large influx of new memberships, post count went up a lot, and now is slacking off.

The general consensus on the new forum is that "yeah it's a great idea and I hope it takes off, but there's not enough info there yet".... then instead of contributing their latest mod or rebuild to actually help expand the info there, they just go right back to the big pile 'o stuff in the DR650 Thread and post there.... where it gets buried and the same ol' questions get asked over and over again.

Most of us are all for the idea of indexing/cataloging all the DR650 wisdom, either here or over there, but few actually want to make the change or put forth the effort.

I post my stuff in both the big thread and on the DR650 Forum... I figure it'll help some folks here and 'give back' for the help I've received, and it also gets cataloged over on the forum for future reference. Much easier to search and next time someone asks I can just link them there.

If more folks would do the same then we'd eventually have it all indexed. But whaddya gonna do except provide a place to make it happen and let everyone know about it?
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