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Originally Posted by Ron Seida
Maybe a simpler answer would be a better search engine ?
That would be a great help. But do we have a better search engine? No.

Do we have a place to index info? Yes.

Just sayin.

Look, I hesitate to get into this too much, because I don't want to come off like I'm trying to push the new forum down anyone's throats, that would just turn people off anyway.

The truth is, I love the DR650. I'd love to see us have a place like The V-Strom folks have. Whether it's here or the new forum, I'm all for it.

But nothing seems to be happening here, and the mods show no inclination to make any changes.

The new forum already exists, it's there for the making.

So yes, I advocate for it because all it takes is a little effort from us DR650 people ourselves... no need to wait for the admin or mods here to maybe do something someday.

The DR650 Forum is not my baby, I'm just a mod there (DustDevil)... therefore I'm willing and able to put into effect any suggestions that would make it the best source possible for all, providing it's ok with the lead mod, Ryde4ever. It's pretty much up to all of us.

So with that said, I'm gonna stop for now. I appreciate your patience.
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