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T-minus 4 months. Things are cranking along.

Things are cranking along. We've decided to put Jess's house in South park on the market ( and move into my house in Georgetown. The FAA is giving me all new windows, doors, & insulation as part of the Sound Insulation program. That construction starts Mar 1 so my tenants are moving out. Also found out that the mother-in-law is collapsing because of a rotting base so that's being repaired. Jacked back up, new foundaton, frame, etc. Seems this stuff never ends.

We've created a Facebook group page so people can keep track of us there. It's called The Big Trip & has a black & yellow world map so you can just search for it.

I've been doing some further mods to the bike in preparation. The gang got together a couple weeks ago & we installed progressive fork springs, fork brace, steel braided brake lines front & rear, rear brake cylinder guard, & an upgraded gear shift lever.

After much work I also installed a Phoenix fairing with twin HID lights from Britainnia Composites ( Here's the pics:
Bike stripped down & new wiring harness installed

The new harness

Me getting everything hooked up. You can also see the new fork brace.

Here's a close-up of the side. You can see where I had to cut off some of the original mounting bracket which I did not expect. Not as plug & play as advertised.

Hooking up the lights. This is where the problems began. While Jess & I were getting it in to place I popped one of the ground wires. Of course it took 2 days, 1 friend with a volt meter, and his pair of eyes before the he said "What's this wire?" I must have looked right at it 20 times.

Finally it's on and the lights work

The finished product with adjustable windscreen installed.

Getting ready to take it for a spin with my nephew's Flat Stanley. It works great and significantly less wind & noise with it on.

That's it for now. I've got to head out of town for a week to support the 747-8 Freighter flight testing. Back in time for Jess's parents to show up & help us move & get more stuff out of the house. Then clean like hell & hope the place sells soon.

Keep your fingers crossed & we may get out of here by June
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