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Riding North

No matter how early your day starts, there has to be good coffee involved.

I had to leave early because there are some travel restrictions on the Sea to Sky Highway, separating Vancouver from Whistler, after Squamish, about 2/3 of the way North, there is a check-point for the duration of the Olympic Games, and unless you have a permit, you can't go through between 0600 and 1800.

I don’t need no stinking permit. Uhhh... actually I don’t have one.

The bridge picture is not mine, but it’s a nice one and it was my first bridge crossing of the day.

The Alex Fraser Bridge with Grouss Mountain in the far right.

0400 the streets are bare, and like a thief running with his loot, Valentino was running with the night. It was great to roam the city streets under the cover of city lights, sharing the road with only a few Prius-Cabbies.

Oak Street bridge from Richmond, to the Grandville bridge, to downtown and over to the Lions Gate bridge on the West-shore, heading North at full throttle.

I was not particularly concern with the conditions. There was no wind, it was cool but not cold and the road was dry but at night, the antlers come out, and that I don’t like.

But they stayed in the woods and by 0525 I zoomed through Squamish, not a check-point in sight, “see doood I told you we don’t need know stinking permit” says Valentino.

Not many pics during that stretch, for the obvious, it was night.

The temperature hovered around 0C, at times dipping to -4C and I was glad to have my heated vest, the only eery part of the ride was the way the road crews have organized the road.

The Sea to Sky highway, albeit controversial with local residents, environmentalists and three huggers alike, was mostly completed by the end of last summer, and transformed a relatively risky (especially if you were in a cage) road to a picturesque mostly-double-lane twisty highway sandwiched between mountain and sea.

Live CAM of Sea to Sky Highway at Furry Creek, BC.

So what I was saying about the lane splits, is that in order to organize the traffic during the game, it is diverted, on the single lanes stretches, into 3 made up lanes of fluorescent posts, that span both shoulder. At times it felt like I was back in Greece. The problem with the made up lanes is that they don’t really follow the natural curvature of the road, well you know what that’s like, and with Metallica piping in my ears and all those fluorescent- padded safety posts, it was just like being the star of a 3D game of Castle Wolfeinstein, with a lot less blood that is.

Welcome to Whistler.

Sorry about the focus, or lack thereof

Slightly better.

Thank God, Valentino was sporting a pair of highly technical night-vision goggles.

I got to the village, safely tucked ST for a couple of hours, it was now time to go hunt down some well deserve breakfast, and feel some of that Olympic Spirit.

Actually after paying 24.00 bucks for parking I was feeling it alright.

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