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Talking Serendipity

Ok, got out of the gear and went for a stroll,

Strolling around the village I found it to be pretty quiet. But eh! Day was just breaking, it was only 0715, and Canadians were still in deep torpor from all the ethylic vapor that was generated during the celebration of the first Canadian Gold medal won by a Canadian, on Canadian soil. Now that’s pretty cool, and with our Southern brothers finishing just in third place behind a Canadian born Aussie, it’s all the sweeter eh!

GO Bilodeau GO

BTW he's from Quebec, where I grew up.

Where is breakfast.

Yup pretty quiet.

Alright found it.

One thing about BC, is that it really has its sh*&% together in terms of Winter, it only snows were you need it, up North in the mountains.

Valentino looks so kewl under the Inuchuk.

And the Rings

I saw lots of flowers, a eulogy to Nodar Kumaritashvili, the Georgian luger who died, after crashing on the last corner of the luge run, the first day of the games.

Deambulated around the village, waiting for the action to spruce up, and then I saw a bunch of friendly Scandinavian heading this way.

Czechs galore too. “Where are they going?” asks Valentino.

Let’s hop on the bus and find out, I think its heading for the Whistler Olympic Park.

Ladies X-country skiing starts at 1000, this should help for the bunny hunt...

As I am approaching the ticket booth to have a look at prices, this nice lady comes up and says “you want a ticket”? “Sure” I says.

Serendipity had struck, it's a theme when I ride, and I had just gotten a healthy dose of that elusive Olympic Spirit.

So I headed for the security check. Now without going into the police state debate generated by the Olympic security requirements, and all that jazz, I was sure they were going to ask me for my boarding pass... Valentino barely escaped a strip search, being so good looking and all...

No really, it was all done with a smile, by a dedicated member of the blue team (the Game volunteers).

On the other side of the check-point, we spotted our first Ski Bunny.

“Dood she’s an elite member of the Australian Olympic Team, -you gotta learn politicalcorrectness- ” think about what Jackie would say...

Ok ok... let’s just have a closer look.

“Oh yeah, you’re right”, indeed an Elite Member of the Australian Olympic Team, and a fine specimen at that.

It was a nice walk through the park, lots of other natural beauty.

Native art.

On wood.

And Ice.

Made it to the venue and man those Scandinavian were loud!
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