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I'm not too interested in the side mount since I run luggage most of the time. Would still like the option of using a Givi even if it is tight two up.

Originally Posted by toowheels
I have just been able to confirm the fit with Adv-Spec bars;

As for the Top Rack Motoriley we are still working on it. Glad to hear it's spring like already there! It certainly is here too.

The side RotoPax mount puts a lot more stress into the rack than one might think...especially off-road. So we are working with different reinforcement methods to see which works the best for production/price etc.

It will have the side mount capability but I am curious to hear how many riders out there really want to run the side mount?

The Givi mounting like I said before is it's difficult to get the mounts in the best position so there is a bit more room two-up. It is doable two-up now just a little tight with the E36 box. I am not sure how the other boxes compare.
Doing a Pelican with I believe the Caribou mount kit would be ideal cause you could place it right where you want it.

Is two-up a big priority for everyone?

In any case we are working hard to get the F800 GS Top Rack done ASAP!


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