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Originally Posted by toowheels
It will have the side mount capability but I am curious to hear how many riders out there really want to run the side mount?

The Givi mounting like I said before is it's difficult to get the mounts in the best position so there is a bit more room two-up.

Is two-up a big priority for everyone?
Since I've been following this thread with interest (I do need a rear plate) I'll jump in here. FWIW I don't care about the side mount (a top mount would be A Good Thing). I haven't decided if having the ability to mount a Rotopax is that big a deal (but flexibility is good and sets this product apart from others).

Having the ability to mount a Givi plate (or a clone) on the rack would be great. I would use the rear case around town/commuting use, and don't carry two-up so any "interference" isn't an issue for me.
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