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The XTique

My mild mannered XT550 was a CL find in Memphis and sat in a dank u-rent it shed for several years.
After some carb cleaning she was running mostly ok.
From Arkansas Ozarks

It didn't take long to figure out that my choice of riding was not its favorite thing to do. So let the metamorphis begin.
Stinkbug mode. I added a YZ465 shock. That raised the rear 4".
From XT-Morph

So I had to do something with the front, and I found a solution behind the local bike shop.
I thought I'd picked up an old honda XR600, but after I got it home it was a bastardized XL350 with XR350 suspension. It was a real POS. But it gave me 41mm Showa forks and Disc brake.
From XT-Morph

With a little measuring and a visit to the local machine shop I had the front end mounted to the XT. I also replaced the round light with a Baja Designs Halogen headlight.
I also replaced the donkey dick Slip on muffler with the Keyway-Cobra USFS approved spark arrestor.
From XT-Morph

Its a little noisey compared toe the slip on, but at least its forest legal now.
I had expiramented with a Tenere conversion. I got an 8 gallon tank from XT600 but that moved the rider to far back and with the short 550 swingarm it was a tough to keep the front wheel on the ground.
From XT-Morph

So it came back off.

I killed the 550 mill, well almost, I hypercooled the cylinder last summer and it started using oil, 1qt to 60 miles. So since I had a second project a TT600 sitting there collecting dust. I decided to use that engine.
So the XT550 is powered by the TT600 mill. I can say that the torque increase is awesome. Just crack the throttle it surges forward regardless of the hill.

I had to rebuild the rear wheel, I had a cracked rim and several busted spokes. So a phone call to Buchannon Spokes and $120 lighter I had a set of stainless spokes and nipples. I had an old Zuki TM250 chassis out back and guess what the hub was very close to the same diameter as the 550. So here we go, strip it down and lace up the new used wheel and make a visit to Bill at Conway Allsport for truing and all is good.

My next issue is the fuel range. 3.1 gallons just doesn't quite cut it. I had an extra tank, I cut it open and went to work enlarging a stock tank. It is now at 5 gallons. I've got a few leaks to fix yet, but the welding is 98% done. It is ugly, but I wasn't trying to win a beauty contest.

From XT-Morph

From XT-Morph

Once its done, I will add a speedometer again, maybe an AceWell or a Trailtech vapor. I also need some better mirrors.
It needs the TT600 carb put on it as the XT550 carb is to lean for a 600 mill with free flowing exhaust.
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