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Originally Posted by XTwarrior
Wow, that is awesome!

What is the front end? Is it all an XR350 front end? How hard was it to fit to the XT550? I am very interested in it for the near that a 19/18" front?

Either way, great ingenuity with that bike! Looks fun to ride, how much better was the rear shock swap? I've seen it before but was wondering how much better it is on and off-road.
The shock swap takes a little frame grinding. It is an external reseviour shock. It has better fell than stock, but it also uses a heavier spring and the XT550 swingarm is shorter than the YZ part.

Its 21/18 wheel size.
Its an XR350 front end.
The shim:
From XT-Morph

Now thats where it gets interesting.
This allows use of the OEM lower XT550 bearing on the XR350 stem.
The top bearing is actually the XR350 bearing in the XT550 race. I measured it and compared bearing height and how it set in the race, it fit just like it did in the XR frame. So I figured lets try it. No faults yet from it.
I abuse my poor bike. If I decide to go, it goes. Rocks, mud, you name it.
Two things I havn't done yet that it needs:
I need to replace the chain guide.
It also needs a spring loaded roller added under the chain it will jump a tooth once in a while when rear suspension is unloaded, like trying to work out of the mud or something. With the extreme angle of the swingarm you have to run the chain very very loose when unloaded to keep from killing the chain or rear bearings or the countershaft.

I don't think twice about much like this old Logging road.

From 10-31-09

Safteyfifth wasn't happy about it when we wandered into it though on his KLR.
From 10-31-09

Google Earth GPS Howto (still a work in progress) use USGS TOPO Maps to layout trails.

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