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Originally Posted by catweasel67
is it gonna be worth buying a transponder thingie? I'll be in the US for a month and riding a fair amount of slab, espcially headed west but I won't be doubling back on myself. Am wondering if this is something I need to plan for.
Here's the easy link where it works, by wikipedia


Basically, New York Thruway (I-90) and I-80/90 thru Ohio, Indiana and Illinois are where you'd use it. I'd say you dont really need it in Ohio and Indiana, since you only pay when you exit. Illinois is stop&pay, Stop&pay, Stop&pay. I don't remember how NY works. However, in Ohio and Indiana, you will save half on your toll. I can't really say that it would help much outside of Illinois, other than paying tolls on a bike is a PITA. The issuing states want to link them to a credit card, and they precharge you, so you may get stuck with a balance on the EZPASS they won't refund.

There aren't may tollroads out west to worry about. I think maybe Texas and Kansas have one. I rode Kansas, not a big deal to pay. Rather sleep inducing. I'd recommend a US highway or state route instead.
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