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Originally Posted by mark883

Regarding Chicago. The traffic sucks. Particulary sucky is the Illinois Toll Road, I-80 west. This is a 'stop every 5-8 miles pay toll' type toll road, if you don't have an EZpass transponder. Yes, it can be ridden, and I've done it, but... it aint' fun.

If you run thru NW Ohio, Interstate 80 / 90, stop by. I can show you the boredom that is my corner of the world. Also, I live within 7 miles of a guzzi dealer if you need one. I hope you don't!

There is ONE toll booth around Chicago on I-80. ONE. There are no tolls on I-94 going through the city until it rejoins on the north side with I-294 and when I-90 splinters off.

If going into the city proper, Lake Avenue is better for scenery and zero trucks (the low overpasses prevent them)

41 north can prevent the northern toll sections of I-94.

Plenty of alternate routes across the midwest to avoid the toll roads.

Routes 2 and 30 across Ohio are interstate as well for a good part with the same speed limits.

The Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, Sedona are places to not miss.

Baton Rouge? Graceland? On purpose?

Punxatawney is a cool town with fantastic roads leading in every direction. Watch for deer.

Niagra Falls will be basically on your way from Toronto, but it would be easier to head west first towards Detroit and save Pennsylvania for the return leg. From Toronto, you have to go around the lake first. Cross the border at Sarnia and run through central Michigan if you go that way. Avoid Detroit and the Windsor area like a plague.
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