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Yes will start with a 15 up front, then a 47 out back. Just bought a 6.6 so as always cash leaves too fast. I don't know about jetting it to avoid chain slap at lower rpms. It only seems to have jump on flat ground just cruising. Any hill or pull and it is not there at all. After a 47 out back I should have a good idea of where to finish up with. Just did not want to have 50.00 sprockets collecting dust. Not suprised at all if I don't end up with a 45 or 43 out back. Will check out that page to see what it comes up with.

Well checked out the page and if I ead it right it claimed over 100mph at 6k with 15/47. WTF????? Either I did something wrong or their math is fantasy land. Maybe someone else could run the numbers on a 04 WR450 and see what they come up with. No way in hell that bike is going 100mph + in 5th at 6k regardless of gearing as it would not have the power.
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AA stands for Alaskan Amber right?

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