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"amais 2 sans 3 as we say in France... This time was the right one....just between 2 borders on a gravel road, a car I was passing decided to change line at the last second...I had no time to avoid it, I remembered hitting the brake but not much effect on this road... bang I hit the rear and off the bike...this time not much luck... my right shoulder was very sore...the bike puking gas on her side..".

The quote above was taken from Jeromes Travelnandriding site. He has just started north again after making it to TDF. Sounds like he is still having quite a time with his broken shoulder. I've been following you both and am really impressed with your trip. I'm hoping to do this in '12. I've just started building up my '93 GS. The question that I have is IRT changing over to points from the electronic ignition. Was this a hard mod to undertake?
I'm looking forward to your next post, I'm hooked. Thanks
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