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Team Ftb,

It's no trick for me to drill out all the ports in the back, to include the external antenna and usb port - my first cradles had them drilled out. I just think it's more elegant without them, and of course less labor involved for me when I sell them. I have no plans on making them standard with drilled ports other than for power port, because most users might take the unit out of the cradle and head toward the computer. But it would be easy enough for me to do for you and I can send you one how you want it. No problem. It shouldn't affect the strength or durability of the cradle in any measurable way, if our field tests are any indication. All the field testing and crashing we've been doing has been with Kydex units with all the rear access ports relieved for access, save for my current crop of concealex that I just decided not to relieve for retail production. Most users would not be using the external antenna option on this GPS for off-road applications, and I figured to blow off the labor, and let a user drill a hole if they wanted to. In most cases there, I should suspect, folks might opt to drill out for just the USB port like what you ask about. It's not a bad thought, and I can get you one like that. Just sharing my thoughts on how I came to the decision, for what it may be worth...

If you want a Kydex one, I have those right now and can ship as soon as I get a check. If you want concealex it will be about 2 weeks and I can put you on the list. I'm only taking checks right now, and you can shoot me an e-mail or a pm to get one. I have flat rate US Priority Mail boxes to just drop in the mail that makes it a good-to-go operation for me.

For the first few months of this hi-tech operation (look out Donald Trump) I will mail all my units to my new friends US PRIORITY MAIL CONUS for free, my dime. As demand may increase and I am able to manage my numbers better, I'll probably charge the $4.95 for that. When I have my IPO, I'll never forget all the people who made me rich and famous. For a while, regular US PRIORITY MAIL flat rate is on me.

Also, just to clarify - since people use terms differently - what I make and sell are CRADLES, not "mounts." The RAM mounting system is what it is, and I think it's great, and refer to it as the "mount" or mounting system. I don't sell them - RAM has them, and my CRADLES are supplied to replace just the RAM CRADLE in their mounting system. The cradle being the plastic thing that, in RAM's case looks good, but as has been noted by some users and agreed with by me, and only in my opinion of course, is sucky at keeping the 60CSX secure. "Sucky" is a technical term I have learned from getting ramped up in the business world, and working with high-tech materials, studying about roHS certifications, dealing with NAFTA and the IRS, the NAACP, the CIA, MI5, and all other manner of agencies and literature over the course of this endeavor so far. I have also heard RAM cradle users banty the term about as they wandered off into the sagebrush looking for $400 navigation devices that had gone missing from their cockpits. I listen, and I continue to learn.

The RAM CRADLE is easy to get a GPS into and out of, and mine are harder to get a GPS in to. Not difficult - just harder. And more durable. And offer more unit protection to include the antenna. And getting prettier. And that's the secret.... they are made to retain the GPS - PERIOD. There have been ZERO accidental ejections from any of my cradles so far. I would bet that any GPS loss from one of my cradles would have to occur only during a catastrophic failure of the entire front end of a motorcycle; like a loss of handlebars, triple clamps, steering head. You would then find the decapitated GPS still secured inside my Buzz Bomb cradle. Except you would probably already be dead at that point. The RAM (mounting) system is that good, in my opinion, and my "Buzz Bombs" are the first thing to come along that aren't a weak link in that chain. In my opinion.

Thanks for your interest, and let me know if I can help.



Originally Posted by team ftb
Been using the Ram mounts on my 60csx for years. Broken one in a crash and another has widened over the the last year to the point the unit rattles inside the mount.

Question: I download my tracks after every ride so would like access to the port so that I can plug in the USB cable into the back of the GPS. Any chance you will be making one with that option? If not is it possible to just drill out the material for access or will this significantly weaken the mount?
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