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Originally Posted by Aether
You said the Ztech tall clipped you at the forehead. Where does the windstream hit you now?
I rode with the fairing today, no rain. I am 6'3", with a 35" inseam. My seat is a custom Rich a bit taller than OEM. I have ridden the bike with the OEM screen and a Ztechnik Tall.

The OEM screen airflow was difficult as it felt my helmet was being pulled off my head. The airflow was directed low on my helmet.

The Ztech Tall was much better than OEM. A big drawback with the Ztech was its restriction to steering. I installed Ztech mirror extensions but the bases of the clutch and brake levers hit the screen. I tried to remedy the conflict by rotating the levers, no luck. I later installed 20mm risers, no change. They just hit the screen on a slightly different spot. I have been in contact with Ztech and they hinted they had a bad batch, who knows. It is my understanding they will be sending me a new screen if anybody is interested I will have it available for a reasonable price. My feedback to Ztech was I felt the screen was raked too far aft.

As far as the TT fairing I am quite happy so far. The fairing creates a different shaped shelter than the Ztech. With the TT the calm area is taller and more narrow than the Ztech. Also the boundary between the calm and the airflow is less severe. IE, with the Ztech the distance between calm and high speed air was very small. With the TT the boundary is "soft". In other words, the air flow is hitting me about the same spot as with my Ztech, but the air in that spot is much softer. My shoulders however are getting stronger flow than with the Ztech.

Another observation of note is I was feeling the air around my body and especially my head and didn't notice much difference a few inches above my helmet.

I was running the spoiler in the most upright position. The first trial I had the fairing canted forward, the second aft. I need to do that again before I can speak on the difference.

I hope this may help. If you are in the Seattle area and are trying to make a decision regarding the purchase of this fairing you are welcome to ride my bike.

Questions are welcome.

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