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Originally Posted by bxr140
Is the "Beowulf" on the side a sticker or is it permanent?

I stacked recently and insurance gave me $800+ for the stock can. I'm planning on replacing it with an aftermarket muffler, but don't want something that looks like it belongs on a lowered RR with LED strips, nor do I want something that's much louder than stock (preferably no louder). Right now I'm leaning toward the Leo Vince...with the insert installed, of course.

I just ordered the Leo Vince pipe. According to the people at Leo Vince, with the dB killer in it's still a bit louder than stock. With the dB killer out it's considerably louder than stock. This is true, however, with most aftermarket exhaust pipes. They're all going to be a bit louder than stock even with the dB killer in. That said, a lot of people claim that Akrapovic is really close to stock volume with the insert in.
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