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Originally Posted by azdirtybird
I've got a 06 with only 20k on it...these 100k + posts are unbelievable. Part of me wants to do the 685 kit on my bike, and part of me wants to just see how far I can take the stock engine. damn, 100k is alot of miles on a single cylinder dual sport. Thanks for posting and sharing those big mileage numbers....
I've had the 685 kit sitting in my garage for about a year, and I'm trying really hard to adhere to the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." approach. My bike runs great, doesn't burn oil, and is really smooth, so I might just leave it alone. I'm going to do a compression/leakdown test in the next few days to get an idea of the engine's condition, Those results will give me an idea of whether or not the kit stays in the box for a while longer.
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