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Oh god help me, I've found a 03 300 MXC for $2500.00 that looks to be just my flavour. Here I go classifieds with plenty o goods for sale!

So may I trouble those of the great Orange knowledge bank in letting me know if this might be the magic button beast I search for or at least have the potential to be my fetish fulfilment with such an animal?

See my interests in the 300 KTM would be to end up with a bright orange Euro type E start, HID lighted, LED signalled fully street legal beepada beep beepin ringada ding dingin street goin thingada winga dinger. Got a little excited there.

Consider me thread subscribed!

I just read this whole thread again and feel assured I can E-start/dual sport this bike the way I would like. It looks very likely I can plate it here in Idaho too, the title may spell bill of sale in a cryptic kinda way that has yet to be seen. I do seem to remember something about being able to own one street going 2 stroke here in Idaho, this could likely be the one.

I'm not sure where I came off with those pictures back there after the information that had been posted.

Thanks for the posts on the pipe protectors too, this bike has one from what I can see of the pictures!
Okay so I'm not Super Man. I'm just the jack of many trades, master of some yet to find and as the world turns that would only be for a matter of time.

Okay, screw it, stop the world I'm getting off.

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