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Since I picked up the new GSA in Tampa on New Years day - I have not had the bikes out of the garage.

While shoveling the last few weekends i have started them up and let 'em run a bit - i tell myself it is good to let them run, charge the batteries, move some oil etc. but actually it is really good for me to hear them run.

Expept I could not get the 'Tard started. For some reason - having a bike in the garage that I cannot start drives me nuts. It's like some test waiting fopr me - not knowing exactly why it will not run - thinking about the options (all bad) etc. really gets to me.

So I went out yesterday and drained the carb, checked the plug, charged the battery and it FIRED up.

A quick spin round the development and I feel refreshed - it runs!

Man - I hat eit when I have a motor that will not start. Anyone else suffer from this malady?
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