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Well, even though the DoctoR is for sale I had to put some more miles on it. After seeing the water crossing pics and having never ridden in that area, I set out about noon today. I learned that I am way too relient on my gypsy, which I coincidentally broke while rolling through Bust Head Rd . I used the "If the sun sets on my right then I'm heading south" method, which bought me in safely to home base after dark. I saw a few bikes on the road today, only one BMW and I'm willing to bet he's a member just by the extra effort in his wave.

This place here just begs to be checked out, you can barely make out the house on the right.

I love signs like these.

If you approach the creek from this side, make a slight U by going a little downstream and then coming back up slightly to get out the other side. Pretty shallow, deep enough to get my feet wet. And no, I wasn't going fast enough to make a huge wave. I was riding alone and didn't want to chance falling in and getting all my folding money wet.

From the other side.

I like this sign also.

This was the second time I crossed this creek today, no pics the first time cause "those meddling kids" were toking up on my entry side, they did back up out of my way. Of course they hung around until I got out the other side just to see if they could help me out, or laugh their asses off when I fell in.

Overall it was a great ride, I think it was about 120 miles. I saw probably 50-75 deer, a dead skunk and smelled several others. Not cold at all, even after the sun went down.
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