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Originally Posted by kdxkawboy
For mine, I gave them a gentle, respectable break-in and at 6000 went to a top quality full synthetic (Mobil 1 20W-50). After that all I did was change the oil and oil filter every 6000 miles, at which time I also checked/adjusted the valves. Cleaned the air filter as needed (use Twin Air and NoToil filters with NoToil oil). Stock doo.

Front side of doo hickey after 130,000+ miles

Back side of doo hickey after 130,000+ miles

But I did loose the spring which allowed enough slack on the balancing chain to let it eat into the cases

This also caused serious hooking of the balancer chain sprocket on the crankshaft, which with my anal approach to rebuilds makes this engine toast, and why I got a used engine to rebuild.
There must be something wrong with you. You own a KLR and don't spend all your time working on it and re-engineering it. I thought I was the only misfit that spent his time riding instead of working on it. You even run your oil close to what Kawa recommends. How am I going to make money on my oil stock if you don't change your oil every 2000 miles?
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