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Originally Posted by DNA
I know about draining the carbs, removing the battery, adding stabil to a full tank of fuel, but what is the "Fog" protocol?

Sounds interesting.
AMSOIL and a few others make an engine fogging oil. It's a heavy weight, clinging oil designed to keep rust and corrosion at bay. It's similar to cosmoline.

On carburetor engines, spray the fogging oil directly down the carb throat until the engine dies. It coats the intake and exhaust tract, cylinder wall, piston and rings. Then drain the carb bowl and leave the drains open several hours so all the fuel dries from the jets and in the bowl.

Same thing with an FI motor except there's no way to drain all the fuel off the injectors so make sure to add fuel stabilizer before fogging and run it til you're sure it has circulated through the FI loop. Some people take compressed air and pump air through the FI loop to purge the fuel from the system.

The fogging oil also helps on start-up since everything is coated with oil.
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