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Originally Posted by XTwarrior
Nice motorcycle, lots and lots of custom stuff done! Thanks for the info as well, I'll add it to the original post shortly. Looks like a damned blast!
Thanks there is a bit of work there and it has paid off. There are plenty of details I forgot the first time around. Similarities like the rocker cover vent, centercase breather, and dissimilarities like the 600 smog canister and different clutch cable. Again, all relatively minor as the these are all remedied with bolt ons. No new engineering required.

Originally Posted by XTwarrior
I believe the Wayne Gum Hyperpak actually comes with a diagram of what all the wires do since they all go through the CDI at one point. My CDI had 11 wires and the Hyperpak had 12, I forget which one I didn't use but everything works fine.
I seem to remember this too, that I left one of the Hyperpak connectors disconnected with some electrical tape on the end. But everything that required a connection, in my harness, got one.

Originally Posted by XTwarrior
Going to hopefully (weather permitting) ride the XT to a friend of mine's shop to have the front rim trued. Has a nasty vibration above 60 and I have this thing geared real high; does 85 on a flat at only 4,500 RPM's and I ride it at 85 the whole time I'm on a highway.
Good luck with that front wheel. I like your gearing, sounds like you are perfectly equipped to keep those highway R's down!
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