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Originally Posted by OlyRider
A friend that has wrenched on Hondas for a long time wondered aloud about the length of the spring, and his concern that it might cause the centerstand to "bounce" during spirited off-raod riding. What are your thoughts, Cigar Mike?

The spring on the XR650L I think is an 18lb spring. The length of the spring has little to do with the rating of the spring. A spring with an 18lb rating can be 1" long or 1' long. That does not change the rating. The length has to do with the range of motion or extension that is going to be placed on it. It is similar with compression and extension springs. The lb rating is the amount of force required to extend or compress the spring one inch. The spring I use is set at 1 1/4" extension to load the spring in the up position. This places about 22 1/2 lbs of force to hold up the stand. The spring is that long because the upper spring mount location needed to be a large distance from the pivot point on the center stand. To get the upper mount location above the lower mount of the stand when in the up position. The upper mount had to move rearward and up to gain that difference or offset. Because of this the spring has to stretch a long ways when the stand is down. With out this much length the spring will deform and loose its strength. The spring holds the stand up tight and does not bounce when riding the bike.

Hopefully some of the inmates that are using the stand can give their thoughts. The spring is always a big issue on all of the stands because of the very concerns you mention. I went through a lot of different springs and locations until I got it to where I would put the stand on my bike.

I am having that problem with the Husky stand right now. The spring is strong enough until you stretch it out once putting the stand down. Then it deforms and looses it strength. The ideal set up is like on the side stands. The distance the spring stretches varies little from the up to down position. It maintains a constant amount of force on the spring through the whole range of motion.

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