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Originally Posted by SoilSampleDave
Well, seeing as how you're going to be doing all that typing anyway...the '02 I picked up Sunday is bone stock. I want to add the open airbox cover, rejet, and open up the stock exhaust. I must be the dumbest sonofabitch around, because I searched the forum and couldn't find a thread covering modifying the stock exhaust, and jetting to go with it.
Love ya - mean it.
Your mods are almost identical. You start out with a 142.5 main jet, so you'll be going to a 152.5 as a starting point. If anything, it may be a bit rich.
Some folks with pre '03 LC4s have felt the need to richen the pilot circuit. This can be done by installing a richer fuel jet or a leaner air jet. You will have to decide for yourself if this is really needed.

So... how's tricks?
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