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Originally Posted by sfwo79
I'm not really interested if my F800GS sounds louder or deeper or has a few more horsepower as a result of adding an after-market exhaust. The real reason I am interested is because of the only real complaint I have about the bike (which is superb in every other respect), and that is the amount of back-pressure when I let off the throttle. I thought it would be less pronounced after a few thousand miles, but I am still annoyed by the feeling that reminds me of the compression release I used have on an old 2-stroke motocross bike. It's very annoying at low speeds off road when I don't want to feather the clutch.

Does anyone else notice this? I figured if I opened up the air intake and the exhaust it would help, but that's just a theory. Any thoughts?
The F800GS is a twin. My track bike is the same thing. Both bikes have an imense amount of engine braking. Its by design. Also the firing order of ours probably makes it more intense since both cyl fire together. Effectively making it a big single.
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