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Thanks to all for reading and commenting. MikeinSA, regarding those hotel prices, It's often worth trying to negotiate the price, although the bigger tourist towns it doesn't work as well as other places. Also it can be worth just asking if they have a different room that's less expensive. The natural inclination of hotel operators the world over, is to put you in the most expensive room they have.

Well, after two rest days in Acapulco, I set out for Puerto Escondido on the Oaxacan coast. Started off with tons of topes, and Iíve gotten better at spotting them, but still miss them occasionally. I hit one at speed today, and had my front suspension bottom out. Ouch! Later the road opened up a lot more, and had some nice twists and turns. The ride today, while near the coast, moved a tad inland. Oaxaca has a good feel to it. The people here are beautiful. Iíve heard skin color described as ďcoffee coloredĒ which I think describes the indios complexion here perfectly.

Got into Puerto Escondido with lots of daylight to spare and I found a great room for $25 a night at a place operated by Manfred and Anjelique, on Ave. Benito Juarez. Then I went for my first ocean swim since Iíve been here, and it was perfect. The beach near my hotel is very secluded from town, though still crowded, and much less turbulent than Playa Zicatela in town, famous for itís big wave surfing.

But my room was only available for one night so I moved across the street to a kick-ass 2 BR apartment for about $45/night. The value you get for your money here is good. I paid more for my room in Acapulco, which was a one-room dump in comparison to the rooms Iíve stayed in here. Tomorrow I move into a little casita Iíve rented for the month. It looks pretty beautiful, and I paid a little more than I wanted, but itís sweet. And it comes with internet service.

Mi casita

with secure parking for the bike.

Nice little architectural detail at the base of the Portal posts.

Itís pretty hot here. You can tell by the way people cluster in the shady spotsÖ

To give you an idea of just how good the music scene is here, here's a 2 minute video I made of an Italian band that's gigging here this winter. Unfortunately I don't remember their name, (which was the name of the lead guitarist).

Catfish Keith is playing some gigs around town right now, so I'll probably check him out this weekend.

I'm really digging the town, but I havenít taken many pictures here yet. Iíll post some soon.

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