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Originally Posted by adiablolex
hey CJ,
care to explain about the missing notches on the basket?
Is this the one for the last plate indexing on the stocker?
I remember something about the factory ones being weak at that spot but can't recall details....
I kept breaking off the small tabs when using my Rekluse in extreme use. MX track/ Hair scramble/ Supermoto/ TT races/ Road racing.....

I love the Rekluse so I needed a stronger basket.

This basket from an 04' has the riveted ring still on it. Ears failed at 16,000 miles. There was TSB about these rings potentially snapping. If you need to upgrade to a new basket, get the strongest.

I was going through baskets every 15-18,000 miles.

After my 2nd stock basket failing, I decided to build my own.

Every clutch system I've seen and worked on has run the fibers in the same row, never staggered. Before I had the Rekluse put all the stock fiber in a row to test it out. Sure enough, 20,000 miles later, no issues.

Built out of billet 6061, then hard coated it, This should last much longer.
After testing in Mexico, 2-up w/ luggage, for 2,500 miles it's already proving stronger. This season I will continue to use this in the AHRMA road race series. Should be a great work-out on this part.

New KTM basket.

My KTM basket after 2,500 miles from the end of last season.

My CJ Designs basket after 2,500 miles in Mexico. Same as when I put it in.

My 2006 950S thread. 2006 950s update
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