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Hi Ted,

I don't think many riders use there 950/990 that hard....personally. So I haven't seen many failures like mine. But it DID FAIL, so something needed to be done.

I have one stock basket here that has not had a Rekluse installed and it's very grooved up from hard use w/ the stock clutch. Maybe 20-30,000 miles. Grooves form where the fibers hit the basket causing the clutch pack to stick and not release like it should. In my younger days when I couldn't afford a new basket, you'd file them flat again. It would shift better again..for awhile. But b/c of the larger gap they would pound back and forth more. Soon you would have grooves again.

I've run other aftermarket baskets in the past and none of those places offered one for the LC8 motor and could build one at this time because of the low volume of these bikes.

Some of the earlier bikes will be getting up in miles soon and may need a new basket when the clutch starts to slip.

Now at least there is an option, if need be.

If you're looking at a Rekluse and ride aggressively I would highly recommend this combo. The Rekluse, by design puts more load on the top ears. Most bikes have a clutch w/ a solid top, so it may have never shown up as an issue. I didn't build this just b/c, I built it b/c I NEEDED it. This should give you years of life w/ no worries about failure. If it does start to wear, you can keep tabs on it w/o catastrophic failure.

I rode home from a local MX race, when looking over the bike and checking my free play in the system noticed I only had 7 of the 14 drive ears in tact.
I was still able to move, but for how much long? I could even see the tab failure through my clear clutch cover.

You will need to pull your large side clutch cover to install the basket. So I'd do this when you're rebuilding your water pump. I have a NEW shaft kit for this in the works too. Should be ready end of March.

UPDATE: On the waterpump shafts

This will be ready this week June 8th. I will have the shorter version for the older bikes and the longer for the newer bikes as well as rebuild and update kits including all the parts.
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