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Originally Posted by meat popsicle
Great job on the homebrew racks clintnz! any description or closeups?
Thanks Meat, a friend with a TIG did the actual welding but they're mainly my work. The top mounts bolt on top of the grab rails with a longer cap screw & the front is bolted to the old pax footpeg bolt hole.
They are made out of 1/2" stainless tubing, first I made the rear mounting points by welding a bush to the inside of a bit of the tube, recessed in on the outside for the head of the cap screw, & protruding in on the inside to fit in the recess in the grabrail mounting hole where the head of the original cap screw sat.
Then I worked out the angle (by eyeometry) that the down tube had to go from there to follow the plastic, & filed the tube end to shape for the butt joint. I left plenty of excess length on the down section.
Once Paul had welded that together I bent the curve a bit in the vice (with aluminium soft jaws), starting at the mount end, then bolted it on & checked that I was matching the curve of the side guard, bent a bit more, bolted it back on & checked, bent bit more....
The horizontal (ish) bars were made the same way, except the mounts to the old footpeg mounting holes were simpler, just a bit of tube with a washer welded on the end. Again I left excess length then just bolted them on the bike & marked where the 2 bits of tube crossed at the lower rear corner of the side guard. I cut, butted & tacked them in place (after shielding the plastic & disconnecting the battery) then took them off & Paul fully welded them.
Cromoly would be a better material for the job, but I had the stainless lying around, so that's what we used.They seem to do a decent job of stopping the bags from flapping around & scuffing the plastic & only take a couple of minutes to put on.
The carrier was really easy to make - just a few bits of aluminium riveted together, It clips under the grab rails & bolts on at the back. I do need to get some nice dome head cap screws to attach it with though.

2013 Edit! After several years of service I made a stronger version of my pannier rails out of cromoly:

SEE HERE for more details.

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