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aussie 06 35,000 k's

bought it off my uncle at 22,000 (he gets a new one every three years and has never had a problem.) it was ridden up until 22,000k mostly on a farm, every day. with some highway trips also. never had a problem until a tiny noise in 3rd at about 30,000 (not sure if it's the whine everyone is talking about. it is pretty hard to hear with a noisy pipe and only occurrs when accellerating, not when you let off or pull the clutch in). just 2 days ago, normal ride and suddenly when i went into 4th it lost alot of power (like being in really low revs) and makes the worst constant clunking noise i have ever heard (in a way it sounds a little like machine gun fire if that makes sense) so i went straight into 5th and it stopped. went back down to 4th and the noise was there again so i went straight home (only about 5 mins away) staying out of 4th and i'm taking it to get checked out tomorrow.
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