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Land in sight, the Port of Golfo Aranci

6 hours of sleep later, i woke up at 0600am to take a few pics of the rising sun.
sadly the aperture was so high, all of them are a little shaky. but trust me, the
sun was fantastic.

we went off the ferry and marion told wolfi (he was on sardegna a few times, so
he was the tourguide), that she was running out of fuel. she will need gas in
a few km. really low on gas. he said yes, yes, yes and off we go.

ok, guess who was running out of fuel, who didn't noticed that she was not
following the group and who had to go for a gas station to get her 2 liters of
super unleaded? marion, wolfi and me. in this order. no problem and we laughed
about it when drinking our coffee in the morning sun a few kilometers later.

weather was great, behind us, over the sea were dark clouds, over the island
only a few little white clouds. the costa smeralda ist one of the
nicest coastal routes with a yacht harbour. after we visited this spot we went
south, looking for camping spots and the wonderful SS125, which leads the
eastside of sardegna.

sometimes it's not so easy to find the way, because you have to go a few
extra kilometers if you don't want to jump over a small pothole.

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