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Originally Posted by motoboyvfr
The bike runs very well. No issues other than lean and not holding a tune up. The PO sent me all of the maint. docs from the last 14 years and it looks like he did all the right stuff. Prior to that, a dear friend of mine owned the bike and I did all of the work back then.
I always check the basics when I get a new airhead, I guess I'm looking for something not so obvious. I'll be getting the bike in April sometime and I'll post pix and let you know what I find inside.

Thanks for all the sage wisdom.
Let's say the bike has been gone through and all the tune up stuff is done. How much has it been ridden, and if it has, has been on the open road for a while? Many times if all else if fine airheads will act pissy if they haven't been ridden and really warmed up once in a while - kind of like they are pssied off at having to sit around. Wouldn't hurt to run a couple tankfulls of good gas (Chevron or Shell) through it, and when you fill the tank throw in a tablespoon or so of Marvel Mystery Oil too.

Again, check for manifold leaks and synch the carbs only after the bike has done about 10 or more highway miles.
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