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Having admired the way these blokes travel to rallies, and spoken to a few about building an outfit, I finally made the decision. During all the questioning, one of the recommended bikes was a K1100 and luckily, one became available, at the right price, and in reasonable condition.

This was my first look at it. 87,000 kms, which I'm told, makes it only a youngster
Once I got it home, I started having a closer look, pulled a few things off it. The bloke I bought it off was the second owner and, though it looked ok, was showing signs of living out in the open.
The original intention was to do what was needed to mount a sidecar and go riding. Once I started having a closer look, I soon realised that the bike needed a bit of work before I'd be doing any long distance trips.

Doesn't look too bad

SioI started pulling parts off, Sold the panniers, the radio, and a few other bits and pieces. Lower fairing removed and sold as it wasn't going back on.

As I went along, I started finding little things that would need fixing.

One of the lugs had broken off the upper fairing so I glassed it back on.

Found some very dodgy switch repairs.

The seat was delaminating and cracking along the corners.

I didn't like the front guard but that was going to come off anyway as I'll be fitting leading links. I found out that the forks had been reconditioned the week before I picked the bike up, as a roadworthy certificate item.
They'll be sold anyway.

I realised at this stage that the bike needed a fair bit of work. I noticed a slight leak at the rear main seal, and most of the fuel plumbing needed attention. I'd also noticed a faint gearbox noise, so off to Ringwood BMW.
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