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The bike came back with new rear main seal, clutch kit, and new gearbox bearings. Only one of the bearings was a bit suspect but while the gearbox was out, it seemed silly not to do the job properly.

Once the bike came back I continued finding things that needed attention. The switch panel was cracked and would need replacing. The electric screen was sold and would be replaced with something lighter.

I made an attempt at making a new panel but it didn't come out the way I wanted so was pushed onto the back burner for later.

So far, the job had taken longer than I thought, and this was going to be the way things would go for most of the build.
I gave up on the bike at this stage and decided to make a start on the sidecar. I had a few ideas in mind, though nothing firm. I wanted to carry a fridge, I didn't want to carry jerry cans, so decided to fit a purpose built fuel tank.
There were a few ideas of mounting points, lots of storage space, and a second battery. With that in mind, no previous sidecar building experience, and little else, I made a start with some square tube.

As I worked, I formed a bit of a picture, with the fridge on the back, fuel tank and battery somewhere in the middle. From what I'd read in here, from Claude and others, the intention was to keep the main weight inside the triangle formed by the three wheels.

Note the square front. This was to change as I went along.

At this stage, I got involved with NevGriff and the build of his Ural sidecar/1150, and, through that, got to talk to Phyllis, who was a mine of information and ideas. More of that later.

Phyllis's work on this was nothing short of brilliant.

Where I planned to put the fridge.

The fuel tank. 35 litre, sponge filled.

More later.
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