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Sorry if this build jumps around all over the place, but that's the way it's gone from day one. Looking back at the pics, it seems like a very long time ago that some of it took place and in truth, it WAS a long time ago

At this stage I had to make some decisions on wheels and tyres. All good advice suggested car tyres on the sidecar and the back of the bike, so I had to give some thought to how I was going to do it.
Finally, I had some wheels made that would fit a Holden Commodore (GM product here in Aus)

15" x 4" steel 5 stud wheel.

I'd later be getting an adaptor made for the one on the bike rear.

Most advice said to fit a K block to the front.
All through this build, a lot of the things that I've done have come through these pages, so thanks.

Nankang 165 x 15 tyre. Powder coated wheel.

After talking to 3legs at the outfit rally,(thanks Alex) I fitted a Hagon shock to the rear of the bike, with the intention of using the bike unit for the sidecar.
When NevGriff found that the shock on the back of his 1150 was a bit on the soft side, we took a trip to the Hagon importer and spent most of the day trying different units until we found one that was suitable. I can't speak highly enough of Darryl at Hagons - extremely helpful, and he said that if the unit on the back of the K wasn't up to it, he would do the same for me.

The swing arm was the next job. In the interests of adjustablity, I went with the heim joint idea in the pics. It seems ok, but time will tell

At this stage, I started to seek advice on wheel lead. After listening to all the theories, and reading everything I found in here, and elsewhere, I went with Phil's advice. Over the years, he's built a huge number of outfits and I felt I couldn't go wrong with his suggestion of 20% of wheelbase, which in this case turned out to be 310mm.

As I said earlier, the front started off square, but this changed to mount the swing arm, with the shape that I wanted.

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