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Originally Posted by XTwarrior
I've never gone past my 'red line' where I can feel it drop off drastically. I want to say it falls on it's face anywhere after 6,500 RPM so I haven't pushed it. I'd go try it out if I could but.....I don't think the blizzard outside approves
Stock timing curve on the 550 retards about 6500 so you will not want to rev it bast redline.
From 6500->7000 it goes from 36* timing to 5*, that is why it fall flat on top.
From what I've read the Hyperpak cures that, and will rev till it blows up I guess.

Webcams: I read someplace where a fellow changed out to the Mid-Range cam and the the power increase was great, but then he had clutch issues and was going to R&R the clutch discs. Last I seen him post on it. So nothing more is available and I hadn't seen anymore reviews in the power change.
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