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Tucson Area Tool Exchange

This thread is for the sharing of tools (especially specialized ones).

If you have tools and or facilities, and would be willing to share either, please post up! It would be useful if you posted the following information

A)A list of tools that you have (an example would be a 30mm socket, or tire irons)

B)A list of facilities that you have (an example would be a tire changing machine or a bike lift)

C)A list of skills that you would be willing to share (such as how to change a tire by hand, or how to do an oil change)

D)Your general location. It doesn't have to be an address, but the more specific the better (Broadway and Kolb is a lot better then "Tucson")

If you want a tool/service, just look through the thread and PM a person that has it, and you can make arrangements.

I would like to keep the thread just to a listing, so you can find information quickly rather then sifting through 3 pages of "does anybody have this?!"

It would be a general courtesy to return the tools at least in the same cleanliness, if not cleaner. Please don't return tools all greasy and oily, otherwise people aren't going to want to loan out their tools to anybody.

So, if you have tools, please post!
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