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cross country and crossed fingers...

it's sunday. the good thing, we are starting to a nice big trip with a little offroad
part, the bad thing is, our shorttrip is near the end. we started our day again in
la caletta with free wifi and a lot of coffee. our route is planned and we are ready
to go.

if you are ever on sardegna, go to fonni. this is a nice little town with a few
absulute amazing pictures on the walls. we bought some bread, cheese and
ham for a late breakfast and rode on. after only a few miles there was an small
path, leading through an alley of oaktrees. we drove a few miles, passing a sow
with her piglet (yes only one) and finally a descent to a place where we can have
a break and take a few pictures.

we flipped a coin to decide the direction. back to the entrance or go straight
on to see if this road (gravelpath with washouts) leads us to either a street,
town or a cliff.

funny (yes really) thing was, there was not a single problem on these roads,
we were rushing down the hills, jumping over the edges of washouts, had a
few nice drifts in the corners ... but i was not clever enough to handle my
frontbrake at the crossing in the next town and rearended the memsahib.

ok, it took 2 minutes to fix that and it was really no big deal.

stay tuned, when on the same afternoon a terrible accident happened ...
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